Strategic Initiatives

The combination of Ohio’s Flagship Enterprises, Aviation Operations and Production Capabilities ensures Ohio’s success and growth in the selected areas of focus. True to its rich, “Birthplace of Aviation” heritage, Ohio continues to support the following initiatives.

Ohio is uniquely positioned for Global Industry Growth in One-of-a-Kind Test Facilities & World Class R&D. Federal and commercially driven R&D/Testing capabilities cover a broad range of technologies and services: advanced material technologies, advanced sensors, aerospace medicine & human performance research, Aerospace propulsion testing ; space systems environmental testing; rocket test chambers and more are just some of Ohio’s cornerstones. Many of Ohio’s universities offer programs and research expertise in Aerospace related fields.

Ohio is the undisputed leader in Aircraft Engine Manufacturing & Development. The Aerospace Propulsion Industry is the “keystone” of Ohio aerospace manufacturing. Thirty (30%) of US aircraft engine manufacturing is located in Ohio and the adjacent states of Indiana and Michigan and every commercial and/or military aircraft engine currently in service contains NASA Glenn developed/derived technology. Ohio’s prominent aerospace propulsion assets (GE Aviation, AFRL Propulsion Directorate, NASA Glenn, etc.) are of critical importance to the future of Ohio.

Ohio is uniquely positioned for Global Industry Growth as the Foremost US supplier to the world’s OEM’s.

Ohio is the #1 US supplier state to Boeing; #2 US supplier state to Airbus; and #3 US suppler state to Northrop Grumman; with Lockheed building a presence in Ohio. Additionally, Ohio has over 1,200+ supplier companies service multiple industries. With a well trained industrial work-force base, Ohio is able to handle the needs of expanding businesses.