Human Factors

Kent State University
Miami University
NASA Glenn Research Center
Ohio University
The Ohio State University
University of Dayton

Kent State University

Speech Pathology and Audiology

  • Research Laboratories
    • Fully-equipped language development
    • Infant development
    • Speech perception and production
    • Palatometry
    • Neurophysiology
    • Pediatric audiology
    • Voice science
    • Auditory physiology
    • Hearing aids/amplification
    • Psychoacoustic laboratories
    • Swallowing
    • Tele health in both speech and audiology
  • Five audiological test suites
  • Three audiological research suites
  • Eight therapy rooms with a digital video/sound system for supervision in addition to the one-way mirrors

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Miami University

Center for Neuroscience and Behavior

Center for Visual Sciences
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NASA Glenn Research Center

Acoustical Testing Laboratory (ATL)

EARLAB (Education Auditory Research Lab), the NASA Auditory Demonstration Laboratory, is an umbrella organization that encompasses a variety of activities, services, and products that support the practice of hearing conservation at NASA field centers.

Graphics Visualization Laboratory (G-VIS)

Provides specialized services, expertise, and facilities for the visualization of scientific data, engineering analyses, and mission scenarios.

GRUVE Laboratory

Reconfigurable, fully immersive walk-in virtual reality facility consisting of three large 8- by 8-ft rear-projection screens on which are displayed computer-generated stereoscopic images.

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Ohio University

Equipment for Ergonomic Assessment and Teaching

  • Chatillon® Series Digital Force Gauge with NEXYGEN DF software
  • Biometrics DataLog
  • Biometrics Goniometers (wrist, arm, and back)
  • Surface Electromyography system
  • Baseline 7-piece hand evaluation set
  • Lafayette Anthropometers
  • Digital Camera and Camcorder
  • Extech Sound Level Meter (2)
  • Extech EasyView Light Meter
  • Extech Digital Psychrometer Kit
  • Quest Sound Level Meter
  • Polar Heart rate watches (4)
  • Lafayette multi-function timer/counter
  • Hand tools (for hand tool analysis)
  • Stopwatches and measuring tapes
  • Anatomical models (back, arm, hand, and knee)

Usability and Graphics Software

  • TechSmith Camtasia Studio
  • TechSmith Snagit
  • TechSmith Morae
  • E frontier Poser7, complete 3D figure design and animation
  • MediaLab

Ergonomics and Analysis Software

  • Minitab, version 15.0
  • SPSS, version 16.0
  • AMOS, version 16.0
  • Michigan 3DSSP
  • ErgoIntelligence, UEA
  • ErgoMaster


  • Four PCs and two MACS
  • Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000, 2 megapixel webcam with autofocus

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The Ohio State University

Cognitive Systems Engineering Laboratory

  • Computers and software for system development and experimentation
  • Video and audio recording and editing tools for usability studies

Human Performance Center

Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research

  • Perceptual Neurodynamics
  • Computational Audition
  • Speech Recognition
  • Language Processing
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • Abductive Inference
  • Computational Learning Theory
  • Applied Machine Learning

Laboratory of Knowledge-Based Medical Systems

Aviation Psychology Laboratory

Orthopaedics Ergonomics Laboratory

  • 6 degree of freedom motion measurement systems
  • Force platforms for obtaining ground reaction forces
  • Strain gauges for measuring the forces exerted as activities are performed
  • Surface electromyographic (EMG) recording equipment

Biodynamics Laboratory

  • Electromyographs (EMG)
  • Lumbar motion monitors (LMM)
  • Muscle oximeters
  • Several types of skeletal motion tracking systems.

Biomechanics Laboratories

  • Back motion dynamic dynamometers
  • Static dynamometers
  • Multi-channel electromyographic systems
  • On-line computer driven motion analysis equipment
  • Desktop and portable computers for data collection and analysis
  • Analog to digital converters
  • Anthropometry equipment
  • Sonic digitizers
  • Intra-abdominal pressure measurement devices
  • Arm and leg dynamometers
  • Telemetry equipment
  • Goniometers and motion sensing systems
  • Specially designed motion measurement devices
  • Vibration table
  • Vibration measurement equipment (whole body and localized)

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University of Dayton

Signature Science Exploration Lab

Technologically Advanced Cognition (TAC) Lab

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