Computing and Simulations

Case Western University
Kent University
Miami University
NASA Glenn Research Center
Ohio University


Case Western University

High performance computing

  • The department uses the CWRU high performance computing cluster (HPCC). The HPCC currently consists of 204 compute nodes 1850 processors. All nodes are interconnected with Gigabit Ethernet for MPI message passing. A separate Ethernet interconnection for the purpose of out-of-band cluster management.

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Kent University

Department Labs

  • Internet Engineering and Teaching Laboratory (IETL)
  • Distributed Steering, Computation and Visualization Laboratory (DiSCoV)
  • The Software Development Laboratory (SDML)
    • Source-Code Analysis, Transformation, and Differencing
    • Software Traceability
    • Reverse Engineering and Reengineering
    • Program Comprehension and Understanding
    • Emprical Software Engineering and Mining Software Repositories
    • Software Visualization to Support Understanding of Large Software Systems
  • Networking and Media Communication Research (MediaNet) Laboratory
  • VLSI Design Laboratory
  • Bioinformatics and BioComputing Laboratory
  • Parallel and Associative Computing Lab

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Miami University

Computational Methods Laboratory

  • 25 PC Workstations with Inventor, NX, and Matlab

Computer-Aided Experimentation (CAX) Laboratory

  • 10 PC Workstations with BASIC/ Stamp Micros
  • 10 National Instrument Elvis Trainers with Lab View

Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (CIMS) Laboratory

  • 8 PC Workstations/Laptops with Featurecam
  • Automatic Storage and Retrieval System with NX
  • Conveyor System, Span Tech XL Loop with Matlab
  • 2 CNC Machines (Haas Lathe and Mill) with Inventor
  • 10 RVM-1 Robots, 5 Programmable Logic Controllers with Mitsubishi GUI Interface

Huge Immersive Virtual Environment (HIVE)

  • Offers completely untethered full-body tracking of multiple users in a physical space larger than 750 square meters

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NASA Glenn Research Center

Advanced Computational Concepts Laboratory
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Ohio University

CAD/CAM Modeling Software and Associated Equipment

  • Intergraph CAD/CAM system and associated commercial software including FLUENT, ALGOR, DEFORM, MSC (MARC, NASTRAN, DYTRAN, Superforge, Superform, Patran), LSDYNA, DEFORM, SolidEdge, and AutoCad
  • Manufacturing equipment such as CNC lathe and mill interfaced to CAD/CAM software

Flight Simulator

  • Configured with aircraft joysticks for aileron and elevator control, pedals for rudder and brakes, and a multi-engine power quadrant. Multifunction displays and equipment are currently installed for SATS and Synthetic Vision systems while the design of the shell enables easy reconfiguration to multiple display and instrument layouts. The simulator is using Microsoft Flight Simulator software running on Windows XP. All control devices are USB connected.

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