Wright State University

Wight State University – Center of Excellence in Advancing Aerospace and Transportation and Human-Centered Innovation


Test Stands

Aircraft Avionics, Systems and Equipment

–   1453 Sq Ft Laboratory for NextGen and other Transportation Research

Human Factors

–   Currently developing a human-in-the-loop aircraft simulator for research related to NextGen.

–   Visualization and Virtual Environment Teaching Lab

–   Access to:

                       • R. C. Appenzeller Visualization Lab – daytaOhio’s fully immersive 3D environment, housed in Wright State’s Joshi Center

                       •  Virtual Environment Research, Interactive Technology, and Simulation (VERITAS) – 4-wall immersive environment  with 3D stereoscopic highresolution displays, and stereophonic headphones. Located at Wright-Patterson Air Force. Can be linked directly to the Appenzeller Lab for collaborative virtual environment applications.