Bowling Green State University

Avionics     Materials

Aircraft Avionics, Systems, and Equipment

University Owned Airport

  • Aircraft include:
    • 6 Cessna 172s
    • 2001 and newer models (fuel-injected with Garman GPS navigation units)
    • 2 Piper Arrows, one with glass cockpit, Garmin 430 GPS; complex aircraft trainer
    • Piper Seminole Garmin 430 GPS; twin trainer
  • State of the art “glass” and traditional instrument simulators

Technologies offered:

  • New hand-held technology for semi-immersive, exploration in virtual environments

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Technologies offered:

  • Improved adhesion of solid state materials like CdS thin films to flexible plastics
  • Detection of the shape and structure of cell features by reflected light microscopy
  • Remote curing of polymer coatings by gaseous initiating agent

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