Plum Brook Station

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Hypersonic Tunnel Facility (HTF)

  • A blow-down, non-vitiated, free jet wind tunnel that is capable of simulating Mach 5, Mach 6, and Mach 7 true enthalpy conditions
  • The primary performance differentiator between the HTF and other hypersonic free jet facilities is its non-vitiated (clean) flow.

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Energy and Propulsion

Cryogenic Propellant Tank Facility (K-Site)

  • Space-environment test chamber 25 ft in diameter with a 20 ft-diameter door
  • The design and construction of this facility allows large-scale liquid hydrogen (LH2) experiments to be conducted safely.

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Aircraft Avionics, Systems, and Equipment

Space Power Facility (SPF)

  • The world’s largest space environment simulation chamber measuring 100 ft. in diameter by 122 ft. high
  • The facility is available on a full-cost reimbursable basis to government, universities, and the private sector.

Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility (B-2)

  • World’s only facility capable of testing full-scale upper-stage launch vehicles and rocket engines under simulated high-altitude conditions
  • The engine or vehicle can be exposed for indefinite periods to low ambient pressures, low-background temperatures, and dynamic solar heating, simulating the environment the hardware will encounter during orbital or interplanetary travel.

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Cryogenic Components Laboratory (CCL)

  • Facility for research, development and qualification of cryogenic materials, components and systems
  • CCL specializes in cryogenic research utilizing liquid hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen

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